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Damian Kutzner

Damian Kutzner

Damian Kutzner's Bio:

Main Areas: Rapid Success, Business Consulting, Integrated Legal Systems
Career Focus: Business Owner


Damian Kutzner is a proven senior-level executive with experience improving core business processes and operational efficiency. Unique blend of operations management and marketing expertise with advanced skills in strategic planning, technology, and resource allocation. Innovative leader with proven ability to cut costs and improve efficiency using technology. Proven talent for designing and launching applications that enhance profitability and compliance with federal and local laws.



Getting Started With Damian Kutzner


Everyone agrees that what we think affects our behavior as well as our relations with people around us. That has been one of the secrets to the successful business career of Damian Kutzner. As physician, lecturer and spiritual teacher Dr. David Hawkins said:

Everybody is like a magnet. You attract to your reflections of that which you are. If you are friendly, then everyone else seems to be friendly too”


When we look at the career of Damian Kutzner, we see a serial entrepreneur who understands success. He laid foundations of his real estate business at a very young age. He is a multidimensional task-oriented leader who knows how to use technology for the betterment of businesses as well as employees. He is currently running the fashion clothing company Serious Pimp. Serious Pimp sells stylish sunglasses and super-stylish clothing that embodies the hip-hop and mixed martial arts lifestyle. Damian Kutzner wanted success and was able to attract people who reflected his values and personality: a team that is at the top of the world these days.

After careful analysis it can be deduced that by keeping this quote in mind, Damian Kutzner has elevated his career and as he had particular aims and goals in his mind, was able to attract what he wished for by embodying what he wished for. Like Dr. Hawkins said, the magnet of the individual works incredibly.


Keeping Dr. Hawkins’ quote in mind, we can say that this personal magnet can help a person get what he wants. As an overview one might say a person gets in life whatever is reflected from his attitude. Just as in case of Damian Kutzner.

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